Dawsonville Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory

1959 full video The Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory (GNAL) near Dawsonville, Georia, was a nuclear facility in conjunction with the Lockheed Martin Corporation, the United States Air Force and the Atomic Energy Commission. With operations beginning in the 1950s until decommissioning in 1971, the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Laboratory's primary goal was to create a nuclear propulsion system for military aircraft. The facility, spread out over several miles, included a hot cell building, a nuclear reactor site, and a cooling site for irradiated materials. These three separate sites were connected by an onsite narrow-gauge railway system with rail cars that transported materials to and from the three facility stations. The reactor itself, a 10 million watt reactor, was in a hollow of the forest. It was kept in a concrete pool when not in use and raised from the pit when it was to be operated. During any test or irradiation procedures when the reactor was in operation, facility employees reverted to shielded underground quarters. Once the reactor had been raised and turned on, or "flashed," employees waited for the procedure to end and the reactor to be returned to its pool before again emerging from the shielded quarters.


Wonder what happened to all that stuff..and the water

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