1 Why has nuclear power achieved only 11 percent of world power production, after more than 5 decades of competition?

2 Why do small islands have zero nuclear power plants, but burn expensive oil or diesel resulting in power prices of 25 to 35 cents per kWh?

3 Why do nuclear utilities never, ever, ask for a rate decrease when they build a nuclear plant?

4 Why did France install nuclear plants to provide 85 percent of the country’s power, and no other country in the world followed their lead?

5 Why does France have higher electricity prices than does the US, even with France heavily subsidizing their electricity industry?

6 Why does nuclear power in the US require heavy subsidies from government – and almost total indemnity from costs of a massive radiation disaster?

7 Why are nuclear plants shutting down in the US, with owners saying they are losing money?

8 Why are there so many near-misses on meltdowns in US plants, every 3 weeks?

9 Why were there three serious meltdowns worldwide in just a bit more than 30 years? (Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island)

10 Why are new reactor technologies being researched and developed?


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